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I'm a piece of poop who cusses a lot. I draw on my laptop which is pretty hard because I use a mouse pad. I don't really have anything interesting to say I guess. I'm very involved in Tails-of-Infinium and not so much in PMDUnity. I also like homestuck.
So a lot of things are happening and I really wanted to put it out instead of holding it away from my dear friends eyes.

Tails of Infinium
So, the spring fever event has been on for a while and I've been working my booty off! There are going to be 5 chapters, 1 for each event-part-thing. I have all the lines in chapter one done and now all I have to do is color it so i'm going to start posting them soon. I don't know if I'll get everything done it time sadly, though. Maybe if I had a drawing tablet and not a fricking laptop mouse pad I would have much more finished.

During the spring fever event you'll be meeting one of Otasays friends and be learning a lot about her. I really hope everyone likes her ^^; and I'm sure people will enjoy how she and her friend interact. It's like the most un-serious thing ever. But sadly you wont always be laughing at how Otasay acts. She has a rather depressing back story which I'm still working on.

I've been meaning to post something about just like a summery about everything I have planned for her and like the back story of how I created her but I doubt anyone would want to read that. So I thought maybe I would do something like Sabershot did and just use my voice. But my voice is disgusting so it's probably not happening vnv

So some may have noticed the changes to The Golden Odyssets app. You know, changed the app art, added accessories, and one major change was replacing Noomar. Yeah, my difficulty with drawing him has finally gotten to me and I had to change him. I've tried to make the new guy as similar to Noomar as I could so it wouldn't be missing as much but it's still kinda sad. I deleted all of mission one because Noomar was in it and it was complete shit.

Oh god Team Loser is the most perfect thing. I love love love how these two interact together. John is a huge dork and Vega is just like oh- What a cutie. So sad what I'm eventually gong to have to do with them vnv.

Plus later on there is going to be something HUGE! I've been planning it for the longest time and I'm going to be so exited when I finally get the chance to go through with it. Team Losers and The Golden Odyssey are going to meet and so will the shady guys from Eclipses past and a whole bunch of new people who will get minor roles. I will probably spaz so hard Jesus Christ.

My Boring Life
It's been a long time since I've uploaded any tradition art and that's probably going to change soon. I'm probs gonna upload a sketch dump or something. I'm also probably going to make a tumblr for Otasay and maybe my PMDU teams.

I can't think of anything else to say at the moment, bluh.

Probably going to add more later.

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